Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wasatch Fron Sop Hop

Hi everyone,

I didn't disappear I just went on vacation. I have been back for a week and working outside in the yard. we seem to be about three weeks behind on yard work due to all the wet weather.

Yesterday our annual Wasatch front shop Hop started. we were out all day shop hopping. Now being in a rural area, this means that you have to travel far and wide and back again to hit four of the shops. We traveled a total of 248 miles today and went to 7 quilt shops in 8 hours. Minus the hour for a great lunch. I picked up some great new fabrics. I can't wait to scan them and start designing with EQ.

We will leave again in the morning to hit the remaining 8 shops. Guess I better hit the sack. 

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