Monday, September 26, 2016

Tender mercies:
Today I can actually say that I lived through a Tornado.  Who would of thought that someone that lives in a quiet secluded neighbor hood nestled at the foot of the Wasatch mountains, in Ogden Utah could ever say That. At 4:02 P.M. on Thursday September 22, My house was hit by a tornado.
My neighbor and I love to watch the storms roll in while standing under our carports. She is from Oklahoma and loves to storm watch as much as I.
  I had just been sitting in the living room at the computer watching radar on KSL vortex. It looked like it was getting pretty intense outside, so I figured it was time to go stand under the car port, holler at my neighbor and have her watch with me.  By the time she got to the door, she said, I'm watching this one from in here. The wind started whipping, and then the rain and hail hit.  My neighbor's son two doors down was outside too watching.  When the hail hit, I yelled at him that he had better get in the house. We both went in our homes. I looked out the front window at my hanging baskets and the walnut tree thought that the wind was a lot stronger than usual, and it had shifted direction quite suddenly.  coming out of the North East. This is an extremely rare occurrence. It usually only happens in the winter when we get winds off the peak of Mt. Ogden.  At this point, I felt that I needed to go upstairs to watch the storm out of the bedroom window where I could keep an eye on that big ugly  tree in the back yard, (not that I could have done a thing about it.) Looking back now, that was a stupid thing to do. I should have been grabbing the puppy and heading to the basement but no, I had to watch.  I noticed an unusual pattern in the way the wind was whipping that big old tree around. I knew within a mater of a split second that that tree was coming down. Which direction was it going to fall. Panic set in, and I new that I was in grave danger, and standing in an extremely vulnerable part of the house, because you see, if that tree was going down, and it was going to fall away from my home into the patio homes, that meant the 50 foot pine tree that stands between my house and the neighbor's house was going to fall right on my house. where I was standing. I turned around to see where the dog was, and when I turned back toward the window, boom!  A roof landed in my back yard. I frantically ran to the hallway yelling for the dog.  Only to be standing looking out at blue sky!!!  The roof  in the back yard was mine, it had been ripped right off of the main level of my home. I thought that she was in all the rubble. You see when the tornado ripped the roof off, it caused the ceiling in the kitchen and living room to fall to the floor. I was now standing at at the foot of the stairs.  I ran down the stairs to see if I could find her in the rubble. Something fell to the ground in the kitchen and I turned to go back up stairs. When I turned around, Sniffles was crouched at the top of them scarred to death. I had a hard time coaxing her down the stairs and into to  the basement. When I got into the basement, I went to the Laundry room. because it is the safest place in my house. I stayed there and prayed that someone would come and get me out. I was hysterical.  I couldn't get my hands to work to call any one. I didn't know who to call first.
  I heard a loud thud on the house and wondered what that was.  I latter knew that it was the 50 foot pine tree in my neighbors front yard. It had came crashing down in between our two house on the west side of the house.  It crushed the pergola that Steven had build me 2 years ago. It broke the tree's fall. Ok, back to the rescue. I heard my side door being banged on. It was my neighbor and her son. he was trying to body slam the door open. Once they got the door open, they started to yell for me.  I yelled up at them that I was in the basement.  It took a few minutes for them to clear a path to get the door open, but there was debris blocking the basement door.  I was afraid to leave the basement, it took a lot of coaxing to get me to leave. but the dog and I finally got out of the house. I do not know why I am still alive, so many things could have happened to change the outcome of this event, but I feel that God was watching over me that day. I feel that I still have work here to do. That I have a purpose to fulfill.
                                 The big window you see on the white house is our bedroom                                              window where I was standing when the lower roof blew off.
This is the roof in the back yard.

 this is looking down into the living room from the outside of the front of the house

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